5 thoughts on “Issue#049 Not much in the cupboard

  1. I stumbled across this a few days ago. I love (most of) it!
    I’ve stewed since over how or if I should say anything, but having lived through similar irl, I can’t keep quiet.
    Cartoon Ben is in an abusive relationship. His gf insults and undermines him almost every time she’s in it. This one is a perfect example. I’m assuming you’re/he’s vegetarian or vegan? She knowingly fed him fish and was angry with him when asked if it was veggy!! (It hit a nerve cos someone did this to someone I love, made them very sick, then told them it was just a joke and they’re too sensitive). Yes, it’s a comic, I’m just a little concerned some of this is this art imitating life.

    Anyway. Keep being hilarious. You seem to be nutty as fuck, which is always a good thing.


    1. Ah sorry if it hit a nerve with this one, this is an entirely fictional situation although I am herbiverous. But I intended the main thrust of the joke to be about the out of date remains at the back of the cupboard being chucked into the pot for an unwittingly poisonous concoction – down to the last supplies! In her defence she calls the ambulance at the end at least! THanks for the comment and the concern regardless 🙂


      1. As long as Human Ben’s alright, that’s OK 🙂 I hope I didn’t seem bossy or hysterical or something, not usually like that.
        Well, we’ve all been there! the back of the cupboard, not the back of an ambulance afterwards 😛 There’s a lot of unusual tinned veggies at the back of mine, sooner or later they have to be tried, sometimes they’re scary.

        Ha! LOVE herbivorous instead of the V-word!


      2. yeah, well still breathing – thats the main thing XD no worries, again thanks for the concern! Specifically the pilchards were only really in the comic because of an in-joke :p thanks haha herbivore conjures strong imagery of dinosaurs for me so thats why i prefer it 🙂


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